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Great Wide Open
April 12-May 7, 2023
Co-production between Many Hats
Collaboration & Portland Playhouse

In a world of confusion two teenagers find hope and solace in each other. World-weary Kenny wants to escape the nightmare of his family life when his world collides with troubled, fiercely independent Junie’s and he finds the refuge he’s been seeking. Seniors in high school, and on the brink of possibility, Kenny and Junie take us on an intense, messy and confusing journey that evokes the heady emotional truth of young love, and confronts the hypocrisy of the American dream head on.


Exciting, beautiful and full of life lessons that teach us to speak our truth out loud.

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A Dancing Brain Moving Through Space: 



My passion for making new work is fueled by the beauty and strength of ensemble, my love of movement and my incurable curiousity about the way story works. 


My passion for acting is fueled by the thrill of listening to my scene partners and my reverence for language.


My passion for teaching is my excuse to remain a student forever. My work in the classroom is fueled by the great courage of my students and the endless bounty of their imaginations. 


I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to explore and share humanity through story. I am also thankful for the passion and excellence of the collaborators I have been able to create those stories with. 








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