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Imagination. Experimentation. Actualization.

My work with Young Artists...


No two minds and no two imaginations are alike.
Our imagination is our personal,
 unending ticket to joy and knowledge.  
It is the source of our humor, of our scientific theories, and of our empathy. 


When students are given the opportunity to bring the world of their imagination to life, an opportunity to be seen fully by their peers, self understanding and self-esteem grow. When we work as a group to create our shared imaginative exploits, we develop empathy, focus and a collaborative mind. As we work with imagination and language, we build these core tools of being a human while developing foundational techniques as a performer. I focus with young artists on developing their ability to listen, create characters, use their voice and movement, and understand complex language. I am delighted that this work also offers me the opportunity to observe the fullness of their spirits and imaginations.


I have taught with several arts organizations on the west coast (Oregon Children's Theatre, PHAME, Ucamps) and also have experience teaching school residencies. Feel free to contact me for more information if your school or child is interested in drama classes!


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